Web Design & Development


Our team strives for superior quality standards through creative design and innovative we development to deliver pre-eminent websites with cutting-edge functionality.

Mockup Designs

Our web design process begins with our creative illustrators sketching down a range of scale or full-size model layout designs. The creative team; possesing different perspectives of design; combine efforts bringing to life multiple ideas for each web page.

All of these ideas are then merged into a collage that provides us with a focal point of design that incorporates the best selected layouts.

Photoshop Mockup

After the sketches are drafted, the design layout is finalized and incorporated into photoshop which will provide a clear idea of the design’s direction.

In photoshop, we introduce different colour schemes and blend web content with the layout. These designs are then forwarded to our clients to provide them with an overview of how the overall web page will look.


Berkshire Creatives Frontend & Backend developers work hand in hand with our creative designers. Projects aren’t pushed from department to department. It is essential that our devs manifest these ideas to the smallest detail.

We develop websites in languages convenient the client’s operations. These programming languages differ to cater and complement our clients preference in terms of administrating and maintaining their own sites. Browse through our packages bellow.