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This project merely demonstrates the amount of work and ability using Adobe After Effects. We discuss our attention to the smallest detail through the below mentioned description. This composition was compiled manipulating the CC Particle Effect through Various effects.

Drops Particles were set to a faded sphere, physics were changed to twirl with a low velocity. Water drips were created by animating a thin pre-composed solid layer to move from the top of the composition to the bottom.

This solid was then duplicated and place across the entire width of the composition to create; well; multiple water drips.

Turbulant Effect

“The Turbulatent Twist Displacement” and “Gaussian Blur” were used to add variation with the duplicated water drip shapes and then pre-composed the composition.

We made a variation from small water droplets to lager water drips by duplicating the pre-composition and resizing the duplication to add a bit of irregularity with the water drips.

This element is used to create the refraction and displacement for our water drops

How we created the "Water Texture"

A new black solid was created as Background so that there is no alpha channel, and then place it below the water drops layer as our water drop layer is see through should we toggle the transparency Grid. Let me elaborate...

Camera Lens Blur

Using this effects surface options, opened the surface options and under Bamp Map, selected the water texture, turned the softness to 0, turned the displacement high so that it causes more refraction, and the ambient to 100%, with the rest of the shading options to 0.

This provides the eye with an illusion that the previously composed drops of water are dripping down the glass.

CC Glass Effect

Although this effect renders slow, it does good when it comes to creating an illusion perception to the human eye’s perception of what a blurred glass should look like.

After all the perception of real looks more real than reality right?. So looking at our effect options, under Edge behaviour we selected the Repeat Edge pixels option, and increase the blur radius.

With the water texture so clear and the glass using this blur effect, our drip layer looks like actual rain.